Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello Ladies!

Im so sorry for not having posted in so long but my personal life is getting way overly complicated and its been rough. SO to make amends for my dopey behavior YOU WILL GET 3 REVIEWS! YAY *fireworks explode in background*

The fist is a new guest model, my sister, Alora. Im always painting her nails so its about time I show off her hands. Now for her nails I used 2 coats of Piggy Polish Envy then on her thumbs she painted Pink Jelly Fish! Yes this is her art work and not mine.. >.> So here is a close up of her awesome work!

Then we have my nails. A friend recommend I do purple..because we both love the color purple and he tolerates me when I get all giggly about my nails. So I did two coats of Sinful Colors Lets Talk with OPI gold shatter over it. I have the worst issues with purple and gold... When ever I do this combo its like the Gold gets sucked in by the purple.. it came out okay this time but not what I was aiming for.

Last but by no means least I am currently wearing Hits Artemis from the No Olimpo collection! She is a stunner ladies and gents. Im in love. She makes my nails look like rainbow steel and I cant get enough. I do struggle with Holos they take slightly longer to dry which means more chances for me to ruin them. Other than that I love HITS polish.

I will have my W7 collection within probably 2 or 3 weeks! so be on the look out for those! AND I got 2 llarowe polishes in a facebook flash sale! Im expecting HITS Ares and HITS Twist (my first flakie!)



  1. That is such a pretty silver!

  2. I cant get enough of the HITS polishes! I want Ares and Hera next but I cant afford them :c

  3. I have GOT to show you my current nails! I did little strings of Christmas lights and a girl and boy snowman!! X3! They're so cute!