Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rainbow Steel


For my next mani I wanted to do something fun and colorful. A while back I ordered Cosmic from China Glaze on Ebay thinking it was going to be a favorite. Its not. Its clumpy and doesn't dry smooth even with a million top coats. So I created my own. Haha NOT REALLY. Instead I used my L.A. colors nail hardener (for some reason its black) and I layered two coats of it. So I had a pretty solid black layer. Then I took WetnWild Kaleidoscope (one of my followers mentioned this so THANK YOU!) and I put two coats of it over the black! Its so pretty it catches the light so well and I catch myself staring at it. My nails also feel hard as steel from the hardener.

Now as December moves along Ive had a lot on my plate. Im graduating on Dec.14 Im going to PA the 1st through the 8th in Jan and then I move out on Jan 17 so Ive been wanting to spend time with my friends and Boyfriend. I have wanted to go Dusty hunting for some time now but Im too much of a weeny to go alone. My best friend Erin agreed to go with me! Any one have any tips? Im a shy person and I have a hard time understanding people who dont speak english very well. This could end up being a disaster. But Im stil going to try!

OH! I cant decide what to do for my next mani! I was originally thinking to do Piggy Polish Etherial Thing with Jewel FX Gems over it. Its bright and colorful and I keep wearing dark polishes. BUT last night I found OPI's Russian Navy and ITS SOOOOOO PRETTY. and of course Im confused! Any suggestions?

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