Wednesday, November 30, 2011



"Winter" Nails

So after having to struggle to take off Lizard Belly I wasn't sure what to do next. But I did want to do something wintery. A thought popped into my head. Oh what if I did white with blue crackle or should I do blue with white crackle? I couldn't decide which would be prettier so I used my toes as testers and White with Blue crackle won. I know some bloggers dislike crackle. But for those of you who suck at art and/or don't have steady hands... *cough* me *cough cough* crackle is a simple way to do something fun and have it look cool without a lot of skill.

So I took my Sinful colors white and used two coats. I was tempted just to leave them like that, I love white nails I think they are simple and elegant, but I got out my OPI Turquoise shatter and went to town and I think they came out rather nice! Simple but effective! My sister even asked me to do her nails the same way because she liked them so much!

Im not an overly fancy girl and my nails kinda reflect that. Anyways, I might not be around for a bit, I Graduate on Dec.14th and then Im going to PA on vacation and then Im moving out of my house. so I really stressed but as always....


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Amazing Giveaways!

Check out her giveaways! they are fantastic and open till Dec. 11th!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lizard Belly, Need I Say More?

Hello ladies!

Well as I mentioned in my last post my boyfriend ,Chris, gave me two early Christmas presents, Artemis from the HITS collection and Lizard Belly from Glitter gal. I am in love with Lizard Belly, it is so pretty and when natural light catches it....WOW... its like wearing black fire opals on your fingernails... I took a lot of pics for this one so yea!

I have also been very busy. I graduate in 3 weeks and then Im moving out of my house. So everything's been a bit stressful. Don't be too mad at me. What I will say about Lizard Belly is that the bottle is super tiny... but Glitter Gal is fixing that. The brush also sucked. If your anything like me, you have clumsy fingers and that brush is really hard to control. Its like theres too much brush and not enough handle. BUT the color is SOOOOOOOO worth it!!!


The last two pics are shot with Natural lighting however even though they were glowing my phone sucks at capturing the radiance!

P.S. You can see my St. Bernard in some of the pics. She's a psycho dog that barks and tries to eat my hand every time I use my camera on my phone....sorry

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Mani!


I hope everyones Turkey day was a good one! I have been busy lately with my friends who have come home from school! But on to the polish! Once again as my guest model is my best friend Erin! On her nails we did NYC Plumberry Plaza, 2 coats, for a rich plum base then we added OPI gold shatter. I know most of the nail polish community isn't crazy about shatters, but I think every now and then they just are fun to do.

For my nails I did OPI's Warm and Fozzie, 2 coats, but then over that I put Kleancolor Chunky holo Poppy to give it a red/ green duochrome shine! It looked fabulous!

Now my wonderful boyfriend and I were just chilling after all the holiday yumminess and he said he had a surprise for me. I wasnt sure what he meant... but he gave me 2 polishes.... Artemis from the HITS Holo collection aaaannnnddd..... LIZARD BELLY!!! I cant wait to wear it! In fact thats going to be my Next mani!!! I will try to post it later today when I have time to sit down and do my nails. its so pretty, I cant wait!!!!

Enjoy the vacation!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Franken It Up!

Hey check out this FANTASTIC giveaway! I have been wanting to try to do my own frankens and talk about inspiration!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A-NA-MAL! In Water Marble!

OK Ladies...

Todays mani I like and I hate... I tried to water marble today. A process that sounds easy, but in reality its like both legs falling asleep and then having to get to the bathroom on time. It sucks. I got the inspiration from a website on Stumbleupon! My best friend suggested this website and I LOVE IT!!!

this the website that gives you all the instructions on how to go about this process. But let me tell you about my process. I first needed a shot glass. Not an uncommon thing HOWEVER. I live with in a 5 mile Radius of a Walmart, Jewel-Osco, Target, Binnys, and Meijer. NO ONE Except for Binnys and Meijer had shot glasses. Binny's however wont sell you a shot glass unless your 21. Which is totally retarded, Im 20 years old... and I couldn't buy a friggin shot glass... Meijer to the rescue! They sell sets of shot glasses and single ones! So then I came home and started to tape my nails up. This is trickier than you might think because if you don't tape them up all at once then you risk the possibility of messing up the nails you've already marbled.

Now the colors I used were: OPI Animal-istic ( a shimmery redish pinkish), Sinfulcolors- Cloud 9 (sparkly orange) and Sinfulcolors-White. If you have no clue as to why I chose these colors its because Animal from the Muppets is mostly pink, orange and some white, on Wednesday the 23rd of November the new Muppets movie is coming out and I'm making all of my friends go see it with me! OH! as a helpful hint... use solid colors... glitter spreads out in water and this makes it very sheer.

Now removal of the tape needs to be when the polish is dry but if your like me and cant wait then semi-dry is the risk you must take. IT TAKES A VERY LONG TIME FOR MARBLED NAILS TO DRY. so don't start them unless you have nothing planned for a while.

As you can see in my left hand I messed up my pointer finger and tried to use a tooth pick to salvage it. I like this mani because it gives you a chance to be creative and even if its not perfect it looks wild and cool! Just remember no one is perfect at anything the first time they do it. Practice makes you better :>

Now for my pictures I apologize. I did a really crappy job of cleaning up around my fingernails so pardon the excess! That and once again I don't have a decent camera so yea. :/ but I hope you found this enlightening! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday I'll try to post when and if I can!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hellllloooo Hermes!

Well last night I fell in love, Hermes is the love of my life and I must say Im stricken with complete lust for him! He is a pearly gold color with a stunning holo effect! I catch myself watching him dace in the light. *SIGH* Hes sooo dreamy! 2 coats was all I needed to funny cover my nails! Here are my pictures. They are complete crap because I used my phone and I didn't clean up the sides. i got so excited i had to show you ladies ASAP!

On to other less drool worthy news! One Etsy a fablous website I often frequent I found a shop from a woman who makes these crazy amazing Frankens (If your not sure of what a franken is, Its a polish that has been made using other polishes, glitter, etc etc. and is not a brand name) I LOVE HER STUFF. She's selling 25 bottles for 175 and Im soooo tempted! Check her and Etsy out Im sure you'll become addicted fast!

Hello Ladies!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello all,
I dont have a new Mani to show you today... I haven't had time. My car died on Tuesday D: So i have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. My nails need to be done and I was thinking that for next week which is THANKSGIVING WEEKEND! I would do either Warm and Fozzie or HITS Hermes.. my nails have gotten slightly longer and I keep looking at the bottle sitting so lonely on my desk, he's screaming "PLEASE USE ME, IM TOO GORGEOUS NOT TO BE USED!"

But I cant decide. So anyone want to vote on it? Leave a comment on this post to cast your vote. Even if I do only have 6 followers dammit all you have a voice! and if by some miracle everyone votes and its a tie I'll make a final choice. Here are two pics of them:

*NOTE; THESE ARNT MINE, I borrowed them from the Internet*

Warm and Fozzie is a warm carmel brown with gold while Hit Hermes is a strong gold holo.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First nail art ever!


So I know its late but I had to share these with you! My first ever nail art! I did a tape mani and free handed some of the work. Now I am NOT AN ARTIST. I have always sucked at drawing with anything besides chalk. SO take it as it is. I had green polish on my toes so I did Christmas presents on them!

I am a total hypocrite because I hate it when people talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving. (People who put there Christmas trees or lights up before Thanksgiving should be whacked over the head with a frozen turkey!) But I wasn't about to change my polish and no one will see my toes since its getting colder out.

On my hands I tried out my new L.A. Colors Force I really like the color but so far it is not giving me a good impression that it will last. For I also tried a tape mani on this one and it got super botched. So please excuse my nails they are horrid and I will change them, probably on Tuesday if I get time.


Two for Today!

Hello Ladies!

Sorry I've been so busy with school and getting ready to leave for college! Its exciting and kind of scary. Im 20 but I stayed home and went to a community college to help out my family with watching my younger siblings. So being out on my own for the first time is new to me! Anyways! Once again the Lovely Erin (A.K.A my best friend) is a guest model today!

On her well trimmed nails is Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink! It is a predominantly pink glitter with confetti like pieces scattered around it! I love the way it looks when the light hits it and just had to show you since I don't own it :P

On my nails I am sporting Fresh Frog of BelAire! Its the grassy green glitter with large pieces of silver glitter in it. Over all Im not totally inthralled with this polish. Its nice but thats about it...

I have been searching for this collection but everywhere I went it was like everyone was out! But on my last Haul I managed to snag OPI Gone Gonzo, Warm and Fozzie, Fresh Frog of BelAire and Animal-istic! Plus a Sally Hansen nail growth polish China Glaze Paper Chaser (a stunning solid green) and L.A. Colors Force (a very pretty bronze gold color) so over all I have done very well for myself and I hope to be adding a few more soon (but first I have to work off all the money I just spent) Im up to 13$ on my polish policy and holy crap am I sore! My mom and I have always liked long walks (usually we walk 5 or 6 miles at a time) but I have done 13 miles in about 4 days. Which is tough when the wind is so strong (like it is here).


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Polishes need love too!

So guess what I just found trolling through my blog roll? Adopt a polish! Its an organization that wants to find new or gently used nail polishes good homes....FOR FREE! How awesome is that!? Check out KKNails blog for more info! but heres the link so you can check it out for yourself!

Sadly I have no new manicure on today so here are a few older chalk drawings for you to enjoy! If you don't recognize them, They are the main characters in The Misadventures of FlapJack! The blonde is FlapJack (he's on his side cuz my camera is stupid and wont flip it), The Whale is Bubby! And The blue dude is Captain Knuckles! (pronounced Kuh-nuckles) Oh and as an update on my new workout/ polish policy I walked four miles today! thats four dollars in my "account"! YAY!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nail Junkie :P

Hello Ladies,
OK so I haven't been able to sit down and really do my nails, I've just had the craziest of weeks and its really burning me out. But I did manage to take off the icky snow globe polish and put on Sinfulcolor's Nail Junkie (which I totally am!) I must say at first I wasn't really liking it, its not like the other Sinfulcolor's glitters. Its got more of a teal blue jelly base with flaky glitter in it. The flakes do sparkle different colors though and I love that! And it has stood up to the test of ceramics so its a good all around polish! I did have a mishap with my nails... as you can see they are horribly short and stubby. Thats because dopey me broke two of them (my nails are really crappy always breaking) and I cant stand it when my nails aren't the same length so I cut them all down... a little too much. I don't want to waste HITS Hermes on short stubby nails so forgive me :c

Now lately I've been feeling super guilty about spending money on Ebay for polishes (even ones that I happen to find fabulous deals for). My wonderful boyfriend suggested that since I also feel guilty about not being able to stick to a work out plan I should combine the two. So for every mile I walk/jog/run/skate/bike etc I earn a dollar. And if I do a work out video or lift weight (weight lifting burns more fat) I also earn a dollar.I will keep a record of my earnings and I know I wont cheat my conscious wont let me, I feel guilty about EVERYTHING. Its a good way to get my ass moving and not feel guilty about spending money on polish!


Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello ladies!

I'm back after a long stressful weekend, Its been crazy and I needed to focus on other things (even tho all I wanted to do was do my nails all day) Today's mani is one I thought I would really like but I'm really disappointed. I used Sinful Colors white (two coats) and then a coat of China Glaze Snowglobe (Iridescent glitter) over it. I don't like it because it gets that pitted look to it. Its not smooth and perfect. It looks lumpy and pockmarked. Maybe I didn't wait long enough to apply the glitter but I still am disappointed. I will be changing it soon.

On to better news! My Hermes from Llarowe has arrived! I played her scavenger hunt and even though I didnt win the big prize I did win a 50% off code! So I chose HITS Hermes, which is a gold chrome holo!Normally I would never by a ten dollar nail polish that is this small (6ml) but since it was half off, I caved! My dotting tools also arrived all the way from China! Now I have to go prepare for work... :/ but if I didnt work then I would have no money for nail polish, curse you logic!!!!

OH! P.S. my best friend started a blog and its her birthday! Check her out at:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nails!!!

Hello Ladies!

This will be a fast post. Its my Best Friend, Erin's, Birthday!! Shes turning 21 and as the best friend that I am I got her ten bottles of Kleancolor nail polish!. So she is my guest nail model tonight! For her nails I used Kleancolor Metallic Green and Shooting Stars over it. I love the metallic green it only took two coats to get the deep color. You can also do one coat, the color is like a metallic pear. The Shooting Stars were harder to work with. They are really hard to get out of the bottle and the brush dosen't really help. So I used a make shift tool to apply the stars. I think they look sooo pretty!

My nails are the Gold nails! Sinful Colors All about you. Once again, I'm extremely impressed. Very quickly drying and just stunning! This is three coats of All About You, this would also make a great top coat to any color (like purple) just to spice things up! you'd only need one coat or two.

Oh and keep an eye out for HITS Hermes! MINES ON THE WAY!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sailor Mars!

Hey Ladies!

So today I want to show you Kleancolor Chunky holo in Poppy! I am not usually a red fan, cuz the color tends to make me look more pink (which I really try to avoid) BUT I am in love with this color! The holo itself is very sheer with a pinky red tint to it. So I layered it over NYC Big Apple Red! and it turned out to be a perfect combination! Now I have been taking pics with my phone (I don't have a Digital camera, hopefully for Christmas my wonderful parents will get me one!) and it doesn't the holo effect justice. It does have a very pretty gold, red and green shine. In the bottle there is blue and purple but I don't see that on my nails.

Lol The title of my post is kinda of a theme I want to try. If any of you are nerds, you may remember Sailor Moon! The crime fighting girls that were the princesses of each of their given planets. If you remember when they transformed into the sailor scouts they got those outfits, jewelry, and their nails became the color of their given planet! Well this is Sailor Mars' color! The strong fiery red represents courage, strength, and feistiness. Once I get the other colors I'm looking for I'll post the other Sailor scouts! If you think I'm dorky thats fine. Just ignore this part!

Have a good Thursday!