Thursday, October 20, 2011



I caved. I had some family issues today and whenever I get upset it usually tends to help if I go buy nail polish which I did, China Glaze Ghoulish glaze, Haunted, and two crackles black and white. I have several crackles but most are Sally Hansen and the white ALWAYS soaks into any dark color I wear so I thought I'd try some new ones! In light of Halloween I did Haunted (but this will probably change to glow in the dark just before Halloween) I love this color! Its black and shiny and it covered well in two coats! It was a little thick but hey not the end of the world! I thought about layering it with OPI's red shatter but felt I needed just to absorb the new color. I tend to over do it on the shatter anyways! Well I'm out!

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