Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sinful Glitter!

Hey! Lookie what I got!!

After stopping at several Walgreens I managed to scoop up 5 of the Sinful Colors glitter nail polishes! They were only 99 cents! How exciting! If you need to stock pile I'd suggest getting your butt to Walgreens! From left to right their names are: All About You, Call Me Later, Nail Junkie, Frenzy, and I Love You. Im so excited because I ordered Kleancolor chunky holographic glitter from ebay! It looks amazing and I have a few bids on some other Kleancolor stuff too!

As it turns out I was sitting in my Class when my professor comes in and says class is canceled for the night! (His son was injured in a foot ball game I feel bad for him) so later I will post those pics of my glow in the dark nails which to my surprised lasted VERY well. I'm in a ceramics class and usually my polish gets torn off (and it gives me an excuse to do my nails a different color) but there were only a few minor dings! I didnt use a top coat either! well I'll stop blabbing :3

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