Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail Polish is the Key to my Heart

Hello Ladies!
Well today was a day of major ups and downs. I'm not sure how many of you are aware that Llarowe had a huge giveaway scavenger hunt on their website. The prize was valued at over 400$. And I didn't have a chance. I had my Boyfriend helping me and still within 45 mins of the competition starting someone else figured it out. :/ which made me majorly disappointed BUT!
I did get a 50% off coupon code from Llarowe on any one item! so I'll either jump at a Lizard Belly or HITS Artemis. :D ANNNNDDDD I won a give away! NailPolishIsMyCrack did a very simple Giveaway (which I'm a huge fan of) and I won four Fantasy Makers Halloween nail polish! So I guess today wasn't a total loss! OH btw if anyone likes Zoya Nail polish go to their website and pick any two nail polishes enter the code ZOYATREAT before midnight tonight and you'll get both polishes for FREE just pay shipping which is like 6.59 (If my memory serves)

As for my new mani... I cant decide if I like it or not. I did decide to go with the Kleancolor Chunky black Holo and I do like it. But there are some issues. I put a black base of N.Y.C nail polish underneath. I only did one coat thinking it would be enough. but its very streaky and runny. I also had to put two coats of the Kleancolor on in order to lots of color. So in order to make sure I didn't ruin my mani this time, I put on one coat went to bed and then the next morning I used another coat. Sorry if my pacs are bad. Its really hard to get the holo effect on my phone. Its a coppery red glitter that will turn bright green (its really pretty but I still cant decide if all the hassle is worth it! I also use my OPI topcoat on it, but I don't believe it ruined the shine! Happy Halloween everyone!

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