Monday, October 24, 2011

Lets Test the Polish!

So I have a few things to say today! One is I'm broke and it royally sucks. I picked up a nail polish today called Jewel FX ($3.27) and its really pretty. Im trying to get my hands on Unicorn Puke but that probably wont happen until Christmas or my birthday. (Speaking of the holidays, the new China Glaze holiday collections is fantastic! Check out my Blog Roll for the Blogger that did the review) Anywho this little number was my substitution! Its pieces of multi sized and colored glitter on a sheer base. I did have a bit of trouble though getting the glitter to spread out but its worth it. I think it looks fantastic over China Glaze Haunted! I also have been testing my Holo top coat (from Northern Lights not Swan Lake, The little symbol is of a swan so thats why I called it that) isn't a true Holo... BUT it does give whatever color you put down first the rainbow shine effect which if I just want a to do a quick mani/pedi without a lot of fuss I can just use this topcoat to give it a little extra something! I know I haven't posted any pictures of my nails but I have no followers as of yet so :P the pic I did post is of Blossom from the PowerPuff Girls! I have yet to do her sisters because I have run out of black, green, and yellow. (and the weather here in Chicago isn't really conducive to drawing) I have other pics though in the mean time! Enjoy this!

OH P.S. I'm dying my hair tomorrow! Soooooo excited!


  1. I love your chalk drawing, I love Blossom! I'd love to see a picture of your hair, dying hair is suuuuper exciting!!

    And thanks for entering my giveaway!! Its so great to be your first follower. You're really nice. :D

  2. AWWW THANK YOU!!! I got so excited to see that I had one follower! I try to draw with other mediums but I tend to suck! lol If weather permits I'm going to try to draw Bubbles! She's my favorite of the 3! I love your blog :3 you made my day!