Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nails!!!

Hello Ladies!

This will be a fast post. Its my Best Friend, Erin's, Birthday!! Shes turning 21 and as the best friend that I am I got her ten bottles of Kleancolor nail polish!. So she is my guest nail model tonight! For her nails I used Kleancolor Metallic Green and Shooting Stars over it. I love the metallic green it only took two coats to get the deep color. You can also do one coat, the color is like a metallic pear. The Shooting Stars were harder to work with. They are really hard to get out of the bottle and the brush dosen't really help. So I used a make shift tool to apply the stars. I think they look sooo pretty!

My nails are the Gold nails! Sinful Colors All about you. Once again, I'm extremely impressed. Very quickly drying and just stunning! This is three coats of All About You, this would also make a great top coat to any color (like purple) just to spice things up! you'd only need one coat or two.

Oh and keep an eye out for HITS Hermes! MINES ON THE WAY!