Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sailor Mars!

Hey Ladies!

So today I want to show you Kleancolor Chunky holo in Poppy! I am not usually a red fan, cuz the color tends to make me look more pink (which I really try to avoid) BUT I am in love with this color! The holo itself is very sheer with a pinky red tint to it. So I layered it over NYC Big Apple Red! and it turned out to be a perfect combination! Now I have been taking pics with my phone (I don't have a Digital camera, hopefully for Christmas my wonderful parents will get me one!) and it doesn't the holo effect justice. It does have a very pretty gold, red and green shine. In the bottle there is blue and purple but I don't see that on my nails.

Lol The title of my post is kinda of a theme I want to try. If any of you are nerds, you may remember Sailor Moon! The crime fighting girls that were the princesses of each of their given planets. If you remember when they transformed into the sailor scouts they got those outfits, jewelry, and their nails became the color of their given planet! Well this is Sailor Mars' color! The strong fiery red represents courage, strength, and feistiness. Once I get the other colors I'm looking for I'll post the other Sailor scouts! If you think I'm dorky thats fine. Just ignore this part!

Have a good Thursday!


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