Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Winter" Nails

So after having to struggle to take off Lizard Belly I wasn't sure what to do next. But I did want to do something wintery. A thought popped into my head. Oh what if I did white with blue crackle or should I do blue with white crackle? I couldn't decide which would be prettier so I used my toes as testers and White with Blue crackle won. I know some bloggers dislike crackle. But for those of you who suck at art and/or don't have steady hands... *cough* me *cough cough* crackle is a simple way to do something fun and have it look cool without a lot of skill.

So I took my Sinful colors white and used two coats. I was tempted just to leave them like that, I love white nails I think they are simple and elegant, but I got out my OPI Turquoise shatter and went to town and I think they came out rather nice! Simple but effective! My sister even asked me to do her nails the same way because she liked them so much!

Im not an overly fancy girl and my nails kinda reflect that. Anyways, I might not be around for a bit, I Graduate on Dec.14th and then Im going to PA on vacation and then Im moving out of my house. so I really stressed but as always....



  1. your nails are so pretty!!! Good luck!! I'll be back home in like 6 days!!! X3!

  2. Thanks I cant wait to see you!