Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello all,
I dont have a new Mani to show you today... I haven't had time. My car died on Tuesday D: So i have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. My nails need to be done and I was thinking that for next week which is THANKSGIVING WEEKEND! I would do either Warm and Fozzie or HITS Hermes.. my nails have gotten slightly longer and I keep looking at the bottle sitting so lonely on my desk, he's screaming "PLEASE USE ME, IM TOO GORGEOUS NOT TO BE USED!"

But I cant decide. So anyone want to vote on it? Leave a comment on this post to cast your vote. Even if I do only have 6 followers dammit all you have a voice! and if by some miracle everyone votes and its a tie I'll make a final choice. Here are two pics of them:

*NOTE; THESE ARNT MINE, I borrowed them from the Internet*

Warm and Fozzie is a warm carmel brown with gold while Hit Hermes is a strong gold holo.


  1. Well although I originally said you should do something with the Warm and Fozzie color, I think I'm going to vote for the Hits Hermes one cause its rainbow-y and pretty

  2. Lol Hermes wins! My boyfriend did want to see me in Warm and Fozzie but he got out voted!