Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two for Today!

Hello Ladies!

Sorry I've been so busy with school and getting ready to leave for college! Its exciting and kind of scary. Im 20 but I stayed home and went to a community college to help out my family with watching my younger siblings. So being out on my own for the first time is new to me! Anyways! Once again the Lovely Erin (A.K.A my best friend) is a guest model today!

On her well trimmed nails is Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink! It is a predominantly pink glitter with confetti like pieces scattered around it! I love the way it looks when the light hits it and just had to show you since I don't own it :P

On my nails I am sporting Fresh Frog of BelAire! Its the grassy green glitter with large pieces of silver glitter in it. Over all Im not totally inthralled with this polish. Its nice but thats about it...

I have been searching for this collection but everywhere I went it was like everyone was out! But on my last Haul I managed to snag OPI Gone Gonzo, Warm and Fozzie, Fresh Frog of BelAire and Animal-istic! Plus a Sally Hansen nail growth polish China Glaze Paper Chaser (a stunning solid green) and L.A. Colors Force (a very pretty bronze gold color) so over all I have done very well for myself and I hope to be adding a few more soon (but first I have to work off all the money I just spent) Im up to 13$ on my polish policy and holy crap am I sore! My mom and I have always liked long walks (usually we walk 5 or 6 miles at a time) but I have done 13 miles in about 4 days. Which is tough when the wind is so strong (like it is here).



  1. yes! Finally! I was waiting for you to post this! X3! I love reading your blog :3! Alright I'm gonna go paint my nails rainbow! Woo!

  2. lol Sorry! I would have sooner I just got buried in homework! :>