Monday, November 28, 2011

Lizard Belly, Need I Say More?

Hello ladies!

Well as I mentioned in my last post my boyfriend ,Chris, gave me two early Christmas presents, Artemis from the HITS collection and Lizard Belly from Glitter gal. I am in love with Lizard Belly, it is so pretty and when natural light catches it....WOW... its like wearing black fire opals on your fingernails... I took a lot of pics for this one so yea!

I have also been very busy. I graduate in 3 weeks and then Im moving out of my house. So everything's been a bit stressful. Don't be too mad at me. What I will say about Lizard Belly is that the bottle is super tiny... but Glitter Gal is fixing that. The brush also sucked. If your anything like me, you have clumsy fingers and that brush is really hard to control. Its like theres too much brush and not enough handle. BUT the color is SOOOOOOOO worth it!!!


The last two pics are shot with Natural lighting however even though they were glowing my phone sucks at capturing the radiance!

P.S. You can see my St. Bernard in some of the pics. She's a psycho dog that barks and tries to eat my hand every time I use my camera on my phone....sorry

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