Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nail Junkie :P

Hello Ladies,
OK so I haven't been able to sit down and really do my nails, I've just had the craziest of weeks and its really burning me out. But I did manage to take off the icky snow globe polish and put on Sinfulcolor's Nail Junkie (which I totally am!) I must say at first I wasn't really liking it, its not like the other Sinfulcolor's glitters. Its got more of a teal blue jelly base with flaky glitter in it. The flakes do sparkle different colors though and I love that! And it has stood up to the test of ceramics so its a good all around polish! I did have a mishap with my nails... as you can see they are horribly short and stubby. Thats because dopey me broke two of them (my nails are really crappy always breaking) and I cant stand it when my nails aren't the same length so I cut them all down... a little too much. I don't want to waste HITS Hermes on short stubby nails so forgive me :c

Now lately I've been feeling super guilty about spending money on Ebay for polishes (even ones that I happen to find fabulous deals for). My wonderful boyfriend suggested that since I also feel guilty about not being able to stick to a work out plan I should combine the two. So for every mile I walk/jog/run/skate/bike etc I earn a dollar. And if I do a work out video or lift weight (weight lifting burns more fat) I also earn a dollar.I will keep a record of my earnings and I know I wont cheat my conscious wont let me, I feel guilty about EVERYTHING. Its a good way to get my ass moving and not feel guilty about spending money on polish!



  1. Lovely Polish! And its great that you're working out and excercising and getting a dollar each time for spending on polish. :)

  2. its a good idea to keep me motivated! :3

  3. That color is so pretty! I bought what I thought was a solid gray gunmetal color the other day only to find out its a transparent glitter coat D: oh well I guess there's nothing wrong with glitter :)

  4. It has really grown on me! Its got indigo glitter in it along with green and gold! Lol I cant tell you how many times I've picked up a polish and it turned out to be not what I thought!